Gifts for Mum and Dad

The holiday period is in full swing and finding an ideal gift for your mum or dad this season can be a challenging but delightful task. We know you want to show your parents you appreciate not only the small things they do for you but everything else. Superga is the place to shop for a pair of sneakers or shoes that we're 100% sure they will absolutely adore. From quality leather sneakers to canvas high-top's, your mum or dad will be able to get daily wear out of any Superga product you grab them this year.

For everyone looking to find their mum a memorable gift this season, look no further than Superga’s collection of women’s shoes. Not just shoes – an entire fashion statement. No matter what age your mum is, we’re almost certain she will adore a pair of Women’s sneakers form Superga. Offering the perfect combination and blend of style and comfort you absolutely cannot go wrong!

For shoe’s that’ll really impress mum or if you’re unsure where to even begin looking, our Women’s range of best-sellers is the perfect place. We’ve got some of our most popular styles such as our 2750 Cotu Classics stocked up in all white, all-black or even bright colours and patterns. So, no matter what mum love’s wearing, there will be an option for her. Why not even check out our range of platforms for those mums who love staying trendy. For those mums who love having leather sneakers on, look no further! Perfect to pair with denim jeans, dresses or even skirts and shorts. Leather sneakers are a holiday season essential but can be worn all year round.

A lot of us have a dad that says they’re not fussy or picky but when it comes to what they put on their feet, but - we think they should be picky! That’s why Superga stocks the range of Men’s footwear that we do. Footwear that looks great and ultimately feels great on – never compromising on comfort. Our men’s range stocks the famous canvas sneaker, the 2750 OG. The classy and timeless look and feel to this style will have dad looking and feeling his best. Over the holiday period with so many events to go to, we know dad will want to stay stylish so why not also check our range of high-top sneakers and trainers online. Perfect for any casual outfit or to dress-down a nicer outfit.

Beyond the sleek and classy designs of Superga Sneakers, you’ll also be giving the gift of high-quality craftsmanship. Superga has been crafting shoes for well over 100 years and the commitment to producing the highest of quality footwear has never descended.  So, not only will mum and dad be receiving a gift that looks great, they’ll also be getting a shoe or sneaker that’ll stand the test of time.

So now that you know exactly what you’re buying for your mum and dad, don’t let stocking stuffers slip past you. From our accessories range, you’ll be able to stock up on sweaters, tee-shirts and hooded jumpers. Why not match the whole family?

Enjoy the Holidays and don't forget to tag us on Instagram and Facebook so we can see how you and the family rock your Superga’s this Holiday Season.

Gifts for Mum and Dad