Gifts for you

We're all quite accustomed to only thinking of gifts for others but this year, it's time to look into gifting yourself. There's no better form of self-love (in our opinion) than buying yourself good quality sneakers and footwear. Why not indulge a bit and spoil yourself this year? We know you deserve it. For all of your gifting needs this season, let Superga have you stocked up.

Sneakers are an everyday staple so why not invest in gifting them to yourself. Whether you wear sneakers to work or to run your daily errands, we believe good quality and comfortable sneakers are an essential. Check out why our range of sneakers and footwear is the perfect gift from you to you.

For those who are Vegan or prefer Vegan products, we have an entire range of Vegan sneakers. If you’re after the perfect staple sneaker this season, why not indulge in an all-white pair of sneakers that’ll go with almost any outfit you choose.

Our top pick of all white vegan sneakers are:


 For a pop of colour to elevate any outfit, these Vegan sneakers will do the job!

Investing in leather is always a good idea - we all know how long good quality leather lasts so check out our range of leather sneaker options. Leather sneakers are perfect for when you want to elevate your outfits or make a formal outfit feel and look more causal. If you’re after the hottest leather seekers to gift yourself this season check out our favourites:

Canvas sneakers are this season must have. From comfort to style – you can’t miss out on gifting yourself a few pairs of canvas sneakers.

Now that you're inspired to spoil yourself, happy shopping and make sure to be signed up to a SUPERGA account for all updates, sale dates and exclusive info.


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