How to clean Canvas Sneakers

Having a pair of canvas sneakers in your collection of footwear is essential. Canvas sneakers are like trusted friends and will get you through any day - no matter what it throws at you. Whether you throw on your canvas sneakers to run errands, get your daily coffee, stroll through your favourite shopping centre or going on a casual walk, canvas sneakers will suit any activity.

As much as we’d all love to buy a new pair of Superga Canvas sneakers every time one from our collection gets dirty, it’s not always an option. So, cleaning your canvas sneakers is the best possible solution and a great way to keep them looking new. By cleaning them regularly, you’ll be able to get the most wear out of them.

In saying this, we know that Canvas sneakers aren’t the easiest material to keep clean as dirt and stains can build up over time. We’re here to help you clean your favourite canvas sneakers.

If your sneaker is fully canvas, you can consider putting them in the washing machine. However, if the sneakers have any leather or suede trims, we suggest avoiding the washing machine as it may change the shape of your sneaker.

To clean canvas, you’ll need a few materials to help you get any stains and dirt off the sneaker.

  1. Soft detergent or a soap
  2. Quality brush (soft) or a toothbrush works too.
  3. Warm water
  4. Microfibre cloth

So, how do you ensure you can get rid of stains without running your canvas sneakers? Follow our steps on how to clean canvas sneakers to keep yours looking like you just bought them.

  1. First things first, remove the laces. The laces can often be the dirtiest part of the canvas sneaker however, they are the easiest to clean. You can pop your laces in a washer bag and throw them in the washer with any similar coloured clothing. They’ll come out looking fresh and as good as new.
  2. Brush off any excess dirt or debris with your soft brush or gently with a toothbrush. Brushing off any dirt will save your arms a lot of scrubbing later on in this process.
  3. Mix warm water and soap to make a solution that you’ll clean your sneakers with. Grab your soft brush and start to work your way through those stains. You can also use washing detergent in this step to assist with getting tougher stains out. (If you have all white canvas sneakers, you can also use some clothing bleach but be cautious with this)
  4. Scrub scrub scrub! Start with dabbing out any obvious stains on the sneaker then scrub the top and sides of the sneaker. Don’t forget to also clean the bottom of the shoe. There seems to always be secret bits of dirt stuck under there.
  5. Rinse out any soap or detergent with water and begin the air-drying process.
  6. Air dry your sneakers fully before wearing. This may take a few days but stay patient with this step as there’s nothing worse than wearing damp sneakers.

Insoles are always more difficult to clean but if your canvas sneakers have removeable insoles, take them out and repeat the process of brushing off dirt and scrubbing with warm soapy water. If they have a bit of an odour, consider mixing some water and vinegar and spraying the insoles. This should remove some of the smell once they’re fully dry.

Your canvas sneakers are now ready for you to wear and can continue to be the pair of sneakers you reach for on a daily. So, you can now feel fresh when you put on your clean canvas sneakers and walk in confidence.

How to clean Canvas Sneakers