Women’s Vegan Sneakers

Superga’s collection of vegan sneakers is perfect for animal lovers and the sustainably conscious. Our vegan-certified styles have been awarded Intertek’s Vegan Mark – they are made from canvas or PU leather and use a vegan latex glue.


About Our Vegan Sneakers

Many of our classic styles, including our best-selling 2750 Cotu Classic, are completely vegan. When producing our vegan sneakers, we use a vegan latex glue, making them durable while also 100% cruelty free. Our vegan sneakers have been certified by awarded Intertek’s Vegan Mark. A vegan screening test has been performed on each component of our sample shoes, confirming that there isn’t any animal-originated material in the shoe.


At Superga we know sustainability and ethical production methods are an important part of responsible fashion. That’s why a selection of our vegan certified sneakers are also organic. Our organics collection is made with organic cotton, natural cork, and natural rubber materials all sourced by local suppliers. The range is the product of our pursuit of simplicity through sustainability, aiming to use less to achieve more. With both total longevity and recyclability in mind we are committed to providing sustainable fashion that doesn’t compromise style. Importantly, our sneakers are also made to last, meaning less contribution to landfill.


*Please note while some of our fabrics are vegan PU leather, we also stock some styles that feature true leather fabrics. Some of our Kids shoes also come with an optional true leather insole. To ensure you are purchasing a vegan style, read the individual product description.